Publishing houses

As mentioned in About the site, CairoBookStop began as a set of inquiries in 2010 about literary publishing in Cairo and a series of interviews with several publishing houses, most of which are featured in this section. The houses presented on these pages include a representative, though not exhaustive, sample of Cairo-based publishing houses, both old and new, small, mid-sized and large, private and one public, those that are solely literary-focused, and those with broader interests though with a sizeable percentage of publications dedicated to literature. Most of the information contained on the pages in this section was collected during these interviews, though we have sometimes included additional references and links.

Our list is still growing, and we welcome relevant additions here.


AUC Press

Atlas Publishing


Dar Dawen

Dar Elain

Dar al-Ma’arif

al-Dar al-Masriah al-Lubnaniah

Dar al-Tanweer

General Egyptian Book Organization (GEBO)

al-Hadara Publishing

Al Kotob Khan




Nahdet Misr




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