Atlas Publishing

Atlas Area: Mohandeseen
Address: 25 Wadi El-Nile Street (map)
Telephone*: 3304 2471
Facebook page: دار أطلس للنشر
Bookstore Hours: 10am to 7pm daily, closed Fri. & Sat.
Founder: Adil al-Masry
Established: 1999

Adil al-Masry, Chair of the Board of Directors of Atlas and former head of the Book Fair Committee of the Egyptian Publishers’ Association, founded the company Innovations in 1992. As its name suggests, this company focuses on innovative types of publishing, in this case, e-readers. In fact, according to al-Masry, his company was the first to produce e-readers and texts for them in the Arab world. After several successful years, al-Masry decided to expand into the more traditional market of paper-books and thus founded Dar Atlas (or Atlas Publishing House) in 1999, and in 2001 a group of related companies under the umbrella of Atlas combined to form Atlas Publishing and Production in order to expand and diversify their products. Atlas is known throughout the Arab world in particular for its collection of esteemed dictionaries and encyclopedias. Upon the founding of the publishing department in 1999, the house also began to publish literature, particularly parody and satire (al-adab al-sakhir) and poetry, which is why we’ve chosen to include this house on our list of publishers with a modern literary bent.

What you’ll find here:

While interested readers can purchase Atlas books over the internet, and this may be appealing for those outside of Egypt, most readers inside the country find it cheaper and quicker to visit one of the roughly 50 stores and kiosks that carry Atlas books, or you may visit the publishing house itself in Mohandeseen, which has a small bookstore. For those interested in acquiring an Atlas e-readers, check out their leasing program, which requires a monthly payment of 50 LE in lieu of a lump sum upfront.

Last updated: August 2014

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