Al Hadara Publishing

Al-Hadara Publishing Area: Dokki
Address: 7 Abou al-Seoud St. (map)
Telephone*: 3761 9439
Bookstore Hours: N/A
Founder: Elhamy Boulos
Established: 1988

When al-Hadara first began producing books in 1988, it was simply a printing press, but soon thereafter the founder Elhamy Boulos expanded al-Hadara’s operations to include publishing as well. Boulos himself began working in the publishing industry by chance, though his brief experience in the field influenced the trajectory of his career. He remains the owner of al-Hadara more than 25 years later.

What you’ll find here:

Today al-Hadara specializes in modern Arabic literature, mostly novels and poetry, with literature comprising approximately 60% of the house’s new titles. Al-Hadara also publishes works on politics, philosophy, memoirs, and academic textbooks. A little more than a decade ago they undertook a project to re-publish rare books about ancient Egypt, a project that continues to this day. In addition to books, al-Hadara publishes The Heritage of Egypt (Turath Misr), a bilingual English/Arabic magazine (appears three times per year) that focuses on ancient Egypt. Among its most popular publications is Loutfy Boulos’ Flora of Egypt, an annotated and revised set of books (4 vols.) written in English that provides the academic community with an important and in-depth guide to the flora of Egypt. Because al-Hadara does not have a bookstore (the address listed is for the publishing house), you cannot go directly to the house to purchase their publications. However, al-Hadara books can be found at many bookstores in Cairo, and for international readers, the house has an order form posted on their website. If you’re in Egypt it’s best to track down a book from al-Hadara in person and  to try ordering online, as there is a rather significant pricing difference between USD listed prices and those in LE, most likely to account for international vs. local buyers.

 Last updated: August 2014

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