Nahdet Misr

Nahdet Misr Area: Mohandeseen
Address:  21 Ahmed Orabi St., al-Nahda Tower, Sphinx Sq. (map)
Telephone*: 16766
Facebook page: Nahdet Misr Group and دار نهضة مصر للنشر / Nahdet Misr Publishing Group
Bookstore Hours: coming soon
Founder: Ahmed Ibrahim
Established: 1938

In 1938 Ahmad Ibrahim founded Nahdet Misr, Egypt’s largest private publishing house today (the printing division is capable of producing 450,000 books per day and 150 million books per year) and one with a strong international presence and wide distribution network. In the middle of the 20th century, the Egyptian government underwent a campaign to acquire and re-make the largest and most successful private publishing houses, including Dar al-Halal and Dar al-Ma’arif, which remain government houses to this day. Government representatives also repeatedly tried to purchase Nahdet Misr, but they eventually gave up on acquiring Nahdet Misr. Ownership later passed to Ahmad Ibrahim’s son Mohammad Ibrahim, current President of Nahdet Misr, and his daughter Dalia Ibrahim, current Vice-President. Today the company has expanded to employ roughly 1,450 employees and includes 5 divisions, ranging from printed materials to digital multimedia and distribution. One of the most important partnerships the publishing division has set up is that with Disney. Since 2004 Nahdet Misr has had exclusive rights to publish the weekly comic Miki, a contract Dalia Ibrahim helped secure after Disney experienced problems with their previous Arabic publisher, the Egyptian government run Dar al-Hilal.

What you’ll find here:

Nahdet Misr publishes an array of genres, ranging from children’s books to modern literature, scientific books, religious books, works in translation, and more. It is known in particular for its extensive collection of children’s and young adult books, including the renowned and widely available Al-Adwaa, an educational series for all grade levels and subjects that began in 1968 and includes more than 150 titles today. Due to the scarcity of quality children’s books in Arabic, more than 60% of Nahdet Misr’s children’s books are translations. With regard to Nahdet Misr’s literary publications for adults, this house publishes several familiar names of modern Arabic literature. For example, the house has rights to all of Yahya Haqqi’s works, which the house has re-published in affordable yet quality paperback editions. They are also expanding to new, younger authors, even hosting an occasional release party and literary discussion. While the bookstore in Mohandiseen is modest, Nahdet Misr has contracts with more than 3,000 booksellers inside of Egypt, ranging from koshks on the street to more formal bookstores. It also has a large presence throughout the Middle East and some European countries and the U.S., making it fairly easy to find their books.


Last updated: August 2014

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