Dar Dawen

Dawen logo Area: Downtown
Address: 5 Al-Bostan Al-Sa’idi St., Cafe Riche Passage (map)
Telephone*: 01020220053 (mobile)
Website: www.dardawen.com
(website works sporadically)
Facebook page:  دار دَوِّن للنشر والتوزيع – Dar Dawen Publisher; Dar Dawen Publisher
Bookstore Hours: N/A
Founder: coming soon
Established: 2011

Dar Dawen was established in the wake of the Jan. 25th revolution in 2011 and has made quite a respected name for itself in the relatively short time that’s passed since its founding. Building off of ideas prominent during the revolution and the general feeling that it’s time to look to the youth of the country, the house describes itself on the “About” section of its Facebook page in fragments written in Egyptian Arabic rather than the usual MSA prose: “Books that talk about us, our generation, our interests. Literature our generation writes – novels, short stories, poetry, blogs…” As further evidence of this house’s commitment to the atmosphere in which it was born and the motivations behind its founding, the motto on their website at the time of this post is: “Ideas are born free. Don’t accept restrictions.” Dar Dawen is also committed to promoting a digital readership, and in an effort to fuel digital publication, they have a page on their site called “Dawenee” which the house intends to be a space on the web in which authors can choose to publish their works digitally with Dar Dawen for customers/readers to then download. We don’t know how this will work in terms of copyright, contracts, and payment to authors, but it’s an interesting experiment.

What you’ll find here:

While this house bills itself as one focusing on “our generation”, don’t let this fool you. They have a respectable mix of literature from writers of all ages, including the young ones their web presence seems to target, and also well-established authors like Bahaa Taher. Taher chose to publish his recent book, Days of Hope and Confusion (Ayam al-Amal wa al-Hayra, 2013), a collection of essays on the revolution and the year that followed, with Dar Dawen. While Dawen doesn’t have a bookstore, they are impressively present throughout the major bookstores and houses in Cairo, and even many of the smaller ones. Check out their website for a near complete listing of where to find their books throughout Egypt. While Dar Dawen does have a Facebook page, unlike many of the houses featured on CairoBookStop, their website is more up-to-date and active than their Facebook page.

Last updated: May 2015

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