About the site

Welcome to CairoBookStop.

CairoBookStop seeks to bring together and assist book lovers, book buyers, book makers, and book sellers in Cairo by providing a space on the web that collects and presents basic information and brief descriptions of some of the literary publishers and bookstores in Cairo. We provide contact information for each publishing house and bookstore, links to websites and Facebook pages, and a map to help those interested in locating a specific house or bookstore find their way.

We are working on the Arabic site of CairoBookStop (محطة كتب القاهرة). Currently we have pages for each house and bookstore with the basic information provided, and we will be moving the content into Arabic over the next few months.

This site is an outgrowth of a separate research project on literary publishing in Cairo. We spent several months identifying and interviewing a sampling of small, mid-sized, and large publishing houses with a literary bent that are based in Cairo. In the process, we learned much about how books are made and sold in Cairo and collected enough material to compile a comprehensive listing of phone numbers, addresses, and descriptions of where to find certain books, as well as information on the publishing process here in Egypt more generally. While we have made some efforts to include large publishing houses or bookstores that lie outside this scope, we acknowledge that our focus has been on literary publishers and bookstores and thus does not come close to containing an exhaustive view of the publishing scene in Cairo.

This site is intended to help anyone curious about how bookselling and publishing operate in Cairo.

What you’ll find here:

  • a list of publishers, with a page dedicated to each publishing house
  • a list of bookstores, also with a page dedicated to each
  • a map to help locate these publishers and bookstores
  • a list of ways to help/contribute
  • some general information about publishing and bookselling venues in Cairo

The main set of interviews for this site was completed between November 2009 and May 2010 and in the spring of 2013. This information was updated, supplemented, and put online in 2014.

A collaborative project

CairoBookStop aims to be a collaborative project that makes information available and more accessible to others; we therefore welcome your comments, suggestions and proposed additions. We make every attempt to keep this information relevant and up to date. To let us know about changes or possible additions, check out our forms on the contact page, or email us at cairobookstop (at) gmail (dot) com.

Special thanks to

We would like to thank the publishers and booksellers who gave us their valuable time: Saleh Abd El Azeem of 15/3; Sawsan Bashir, Co-Founder, Co-Owner and Publications Consultant at Afaq Books; Makkawi Said,  Publisher at al-Dar; Elhamy Boulos of al-Hadara; Nariman Rashad, Director of Cultural Publishing at al-Dar al-Masriah al-Lubnaniah; the late Mark Linz, former Director of the American University in Cairo Press; ‘Adil al-Masry, Chair of the Board of Directors of Atlas; Ashraf Yousef, Head Editor at Dar Elain; Osama Mohamed Ghabasi, Manager of the Export Department at the Korniche al-Nil branch of Dar al-Ma‘arif; Ru‘uf ‘Ashm of Madbouly; Mohamed al Sharkawi of Malamih; Mohamed Hashem of Merit (as well as Ahmed Alaidy for his help and insights during the interview); Dalia Ibrahim, Vice President of Nahdet Misr; Ahmad Mohamed al-Husseini, Publisher of Nevro; Hosny Soliman, founder and owner of Sharqiyat; Fadi Awad, former Director of Publishing for Shorouk; Khaled Abbas, General Manager and Ahmed Ibrahim, Executive Manager of Sphinx Literary Agency; Fadi Awad, former Manager and Joseph Rizk, Owner/Managing Director of Dar al-Tanweer; Khaled Lotfy of Tanmia Bookstore; Mohammad Abdelazim Hussin and Ayman Mansour of Omar Bookstore; and Maged Atef, Manager of al-Balad Cultural Center. Without the cooperation and help of these houses and bookstores and especially the individuals with whom we spoke directly, this project would not have been possible.

We would also like to extend our warm thanks to others whose input and support has been crucial:  Humphrey Davies, Hamdy El Gazzar, Mohamed Salah al-Azab, Samia Mehrez, Nagat Ali, Syonara Tomoum, Siham Badawi, Ahmed Shawkat, Noah Gardiner, Elisabeth Jaquette, Elena Chardakliyska, and the Center for Arabic Study Abroad. Any errors that appear on this site are our own.

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