Update 14/09/14

CairoBookStop is expanding!

Many CairoBookStop readers have expressed interest in a forum where they can interact with one another directly. Others have asked where to find local literary events or if they might post information about their events on our site. To help meet both of these needs, we’ve created a Facebook page: Cairo Book Stop / محطة كتب القاهرة.

We hope this page will be a useful forum for all of our readers and a space to pose questions and share information on literary events and happenings in Cairo, such as:

  • events like book-signings, author talks, etc.
  • the opening of a new bookstore or house or of a new branch
  • local book fairs
  • book releases of Arabic lit in Cairo or by Egyptian authors
  • questions about where to find specific titles or genres
  • questions about publishing in Cairo or Egypt
  • competitions for Egyptian writers
  • (local) literary prizes
  • conferences related to Arabic literature
  • and many other topics related to Arabic literature, publishing, and bookselling in Cairo.

Currently CairoBookStop’s Facebook page is open to posts from everyone to help keep it as relevant and up-to-date as possible. Publishing houses, bookstores, and cultural centers in Cairo are welcome and encouraged to post information about their own upcoming events.

CairoBookStop, too, will post news that may be of interest to our readers but lies outside of the scope of our website itself. If we find the page needs more moderation, we’ll step in as needed. We reserve the right to remove any content that is inappropriate, offensive, or off-topic.

We hope you’ll check out our new page! As always, feedback is welcome.

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